Token sale is over!. Wand Token sale is completed. Thanks to all who have contributed! Our focus shifts now to releasing our Smart Contracts to the Ethereum Mainnet. Shoot a email to [email protected] for any questions.

pre sale - closed

3000eth - Soft cap

Token sale has ended! - Check out the latest updates on our blog

  • Pre-Token sale - Completed
  • Token sale 18% bonus - October 27th to November 20th.Completed
  • Token sale 12% bonus- November 21th to November 28th.Completed
  • Token sale 6% bonus - November 29th to December 3rd.Completed
  • Token sale 0% bonus - December 4th to December 5th.Completed

Wand token details

  • Total Supply - 23 million Wand.

Contribution status

Token sale has ended, for any questions or clarifications please send an email to [email protected] Check out our telegram group for updates!

Why use WandX?

Why create a new token?


Governance over update to the software which is separate from the ethereum ecosystem. You can take a look at out beta here for further details.


Incentives programs for various users. Bounties for bug identification and promoting the use of all the modules of our platform.

Future Development

If we decide to integrate the tokens created on other blockchains as well(such as Tezos, NEO). We would need to be able to introduce protocols such as the COMIT protocol for interaction between the blockchains. It would be more secure and more efficient to do this if we have our own token.

ERC20 Token contracts

Any potential future applications on WandX on ERC20 Tokens are subject to regulations.

WandX protocol

The wand token will be used to access any application on the WandX platform. The functionality in all application enabled by APIs. When external applications use any of the WandX APIs. They will be charged a certain fee in wand to use any of the application on wandx. Users will have to transact using Wand.

Token sale

We are looking to raise Ether directly from our users. Users will be able to use the WandX protocol to initially trade in baskets of ERC20 Tokens after which they will be able to trade in any ERC20 Token product. and in markets created on WandX.

Wand token details

Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of the Token sale before contributing.

When will the product be released?

WandX will go live on the Ethereum mainnet on December 10th 2pm GMT.

Is there a cap per user?

No minimum or maximum cap per user and a minimium gas limit of 300,000. Users can participate using Metamask, Parity,MyEtherWallet, or the Mist wallet. Civic login already integrated on the Platform. After Token sale we'll look at uPort as well.

What are the real world use cases?

The real world use case of WandX is the creation and trade of loyalty points as well as carbon credits. We will be piloting a WandX private network for the use case, and if successful, we will integrate the private network with the mainnet similar to how Raiden allows off-chain transaction and on-chain confirmations.

What's the Token sale process?

Users can send ether to our contract address which will be displayed 2 hours before the start of the Token sale. Ether must be sent through MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity or Metamask. Send Ether to the contract address given in our first page, and adhere to the gas limits while sending Ether. Only send Ether to this address and not any other address on any other website or forum or blog. Do not send ether through exchanges such as Jaxx, Kraken or others as your ether may be stolen. We will also encourage our industry wise clients to participate, but their participation will also be limited and subject to the same rules as above.

How will the Token sale contributions be used?

The contribution will be used for hiring, operation costs.

What’s in it for participants?

Users are contributing to the WandX protocol through the Wand token. The WandX protocol enables users to use any Dapp on the WandX platform as well as engage with the WandX APIs, with all transactions on the Wand token. Contributors can create and trade in any ERC20 product on the platform entirely through smart contracts. Wand Tokens are the equivalent of a loyalty point in retail. Users are incentivized to create and trade in ERC20 Token baskets through Wand Tokens. The company governance contracts (reserve, hiring, basket creation, operations contracts), helps to ensure that we achieve the level of transparency into the functioning of WandX as permitted by current regulation. Every expense can be tracked through these addresses, and we encourage users to critique our approach at every turn.

When will Wand be listed on exchanges and which ones?

Wand tokens will be available on exchanges after the campaign ends. We can’t yet announce which ones.

Who can participate in the token sale?

The sale is not open to Chinese or Singapore residents. Citizens of other countries need to consult with the laws in their regions before participating. All token sale participants have to read the terms and conditions of the Token sale before participating. Login with Civic is a must before any contribution.

How is this application different from 0x, Melonport, Kyber Network?

WandX has used the 0x code as reference, but modified many aspects to accomodate creation of APIs, trading in ERC20 Token baskets, and enabling basket to basket swaps as well. WandX smart contracts are written to create instruments on ERC20 Tokens.

What is the business model?

Wand Tokens are used to incentivize creation and trade of ERC20 Token products on the platform. They act as the equivalent of a loyalty points scheme for retail. The WandX platform business model is a percentage of transactions as a fee for trades, fee for API calls from exchanges.

How will transparency in Ether received from the token sale be ensured?

The Ether received from the Token sale will be used for hiring developers, for operational expenses of the team, reserve contracts.

What is the min cap and max cap?

The minimum cap is 6000ETH, and the maximum cap is 12500ETH. If the maximum cap is not reached, the WandX team will continue development according to the road map described in thewhitepaper, but with a delayed timeline. Please read our Terms and Conditions clearly before contributing

Don't do these actions

Your ETH can be lost forever if you ignore these rules:

  1. DO NOT SEND ETH from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, etc.
  2. DO NOT USE Jaxx
  3. DO NOT use Multi-Signature wallets

Video Tutorials

How to use

How to use
the MyEtherWallet

How to use
the Mist (Ethereum) Wallet

How to use
the Parity Wallet

How to participate in the token sale

Read the terms and conditions

Before taking part in the Token sale, or the application after the Token sale, please read the terms and conditions and privacy policy carefully.

WandX contribution address

At the time of start of the Token sale and pre-Token sale, the contribution address will be present.

Gas limit and contribution limit per user

When sending Tokens to the contribution address, the gwei is 50.

Send only accepted tokens

For the Token sale only ETH is accepted.

Pre-sale of Wand Tokens

The minimum contribution per user is 1ETH for the pre-sale, and minimum gas limit is 300,000. There is no maximum cap per user for the pre-sale.

Wand tokens will be sent to your address

After contribution, wait till the transaction is confirmed on If the transaction is not confirmed, your contribution will be invalid. Once confirmed, Wand tokens will be sent to the Ether address from which you sent the Ether within 48 hours after your contribution.