We are enabling a world of smart crypto-finstruments trading!

We’re giving away 100 WAND Tokens each to the first 100 users to create a token basket on WandX.

Step 1

Join our Telegram group.

Step 2

Enter the exchange. Make sure that you have Metamask installed, and that it is turned on to the main network.

Step 3

*Create 1 ERC20 token basket . The value of the Token basket must be at least 0.2ETH.

Step 4

Place 2 orders on the decentralized exchange


*WAND tokens will be deposited to your wallet once you finish all the steps. And fret not, we’ll cover the gas fee for the token basket you create by re-depositing the gas cost of ETH into your wallet.

Complete The Form to enroll in the Airdrop