WANDNEO tokens can be used in the WandX desktop wallet to stake on the NEO DEX to get a percentage of collected fees.

Disclaimer: Please remember that WE WILL NOT be operating any public token sales. Be wary of FAKE WANDNEO AIRDROP SCHEMES AND TOKEN SALE SCAMS.

Our official channels of communication are

*Only these are the official communication channels. Do not pay attention to communication from any other channel.

Registered participants must download the app from the site 20 Aug 2018 onwards

Users will get a verification code which they will have to submit along with their NEO wallet address to receive WANDNEO Tokens.

Existing holders of WAND token will receive WANDNEO Tokens in 1:1 ratio and new users will receive 300 WANDNEO Tokens.

*Email verification and telegram verification will be done using the "Kickoff" software.